"MINI" Metal Clay & Glass MicroKiln Kit (This is a Microwave Oven Kiln)

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The "MINI" Metal Clay & Glass MicroKiln Kit

The MicroKiln is the original brand of microwave oven kilns created and has been tested by professional kiln formed glass, ceramic and certified metal clay artists.

The MicroKiln is a ceramic type container consisting of a base and hood made for use in a household microwave oven (900 watt microwave oven required). The kiln is made of a white ceramic insulating fiber and lined on the inside of the hood with a black graphite type compound that absorbs the microwave radiation and heats up the kiln to 1650°F.

The heat from the graphite type compound in the hood is then transferred to the piece being fired. It takes between 3 to 10 minutes to reach peak temperature ranges depending on the size of the microwave kiln, the piece(s) being fired, and the microwave’s wattage. 

The "Mini" which is the smallest and fastest firing of the MicroKilns can fire-to-sinter any of the metal clays listed  belofollowing the explicit instructions provided in the "Mini" Metal Clay & Glass MicroKiln Kit.

 - Art Clay Silver (all forms)
 - PMC (all forms except Gold)
Metal Adventures (FS999 & EZ960)                                                                        
- Art Clay Copper

The "Mini" Metal Clay & Glass MicroKiln Kit comes with the following:
 - (2) Pre-cut Black  & Clear COE 90 Glass 
 - (1) Package of COE 90 Dichroic Mosaic Chips
 - (1) Package of Multi-Color COE 90 Mini Squares (for creating glass cabochons)
 - (2) Pendant Bails
 - (1)  Pendant Cording

The "Mini" Metal Clay & Glass MicroKiln also comes with the following documentation that is provided via download once a purchase has been made:
       - "Mini" MicroKiln Metal Clay & Glass Tutorial (14 pages w/pics)
       -  Dichroic Mosaic Jewelry Pendant Tutorial (4 pages w/pics)
       -  Glossary of Tools, Supplies & Techniques
       -  Vendor Resource Sheet
       -  Recommended Books & Videos Sheets
 Resource Sheet
In addition to the above, FREE Email, Text, and Phone Support is provided.



All instructional documents must be read in their entirety before using this kiln.  Designs by Sylvanye Glass Teaching Studio is not responsible or liable for any damage to your kiln or design if instructions are not followed as directed.

The "Mini" MicroKiln & Glass Tutorial  will not be sold separately at this time and is not a "How to Create Metal Clay" document.  It is a tutorial that teaches how to fire-to-sinter the metal clays listed above as well as how to create glass cabs for inclusion into metal clay designs if desired.




for the "Mini" are being developed for use with the following techniques:

  • Art Clay Copper Designs
  • Glass Clay Designs
  • Freeze & Fuse Glass Designs
  • Modeling Glass (still testing)
  • Enameling on Metal Designs
  • Ceramic & Porcelain Designs



USA & International Customers:

  • This kit will be shipped via the United States Postal Service.

  • All documents including tutorials mentioned above, will be available for download upon completion of order.

  • You may also contact us prior to placing your order for additional information via  Phone/Text 1+ (615) 397-6406 or Email mkhdblog@gmail@gmail.com.






What Can Be Fired In The "Mini"?

What Is The Size Of The "Mini"?

The outer dimensions of this "Mini" is  4.75" x 3.25” with an inside platform shelf of 3.00" x .25.

What Equipment, Tools & Other Items Needed?

  • Dedicated 900-Watt microwave oven - used to provide heat to the "Mini".  A higher wattage is not recommended and any damage to the "Mini" or your design(s) is your fault.
  • Fiber Shelf - 1/8" or thicker fiber paper used to protect bottom of kiln.
  • Fiber Paper -  1/32"  to keep glass from sticking to shelf.
  • Metal Clay -checkout the list of tested metal clays above.
  • Fusible Glass  - various colors, types & textures. Tested compatible glass for fusing highly recommended)
  • Glass Nippers - used to chip away at glass to form small pieces or to shape glass.
  • Tweezers – long and short picking up tiny design pieces.
  • Hair Spray – White Rain or Suave in the pump for adhering tiny glass pieces to base glass sheets.
  • Toothpicks– used for moving tiny glass pieces in place before or after being sprayed with hair spray.
  • Alcohol – 91% alcohol for cleaning glass pieces along with Paper Towels.
  • Heat Resistant Sheet - stainless steel baking sheet or large ceramic tile - used to place MicroKiln on when removing from oven to finish cooling.
  • Small Ceramic Post - kiln post or cracked piece of ceramic - used to prop MicroKiln hood open for cooling.
  • Safety Gloves & Safety Glasses
  • Recommended Equipment & Tools for use with the MicroKiln & Metal Clay:

    Metal Clay – metal clay designs to be fired.
    Small water dish– water to quench metal clay.
    Crock Pot w/ Pickle– remove oxidation.
    Copper Tongs– removing metal clay designs from pickle solution.
    Paper Towels or cleaning cloth – for drying off designs
    Plenty sure I’ve missed somethings 😇

How Long To Fire Metal Clay, Glass & Both?  Well That Depends On The Following:

  • Microwave Oven – turntable & power level feature required.
  • Oven Wattage – the wattage has a direct bearing on the firing times.  This kiln requires a 900 Watt microwave oven to ensure successfully firings.
  • Size & Thickness - Glass or Metal Clay Design - Some glass fire faster than others as well as the quantity of glass layers and the thickness of the clay.
  • Size of MicroKiln - smaller the kiln the faster the firing time.
  • Glass & Metal Clay Types – Fusible Art Glass, Float/Window Glass, Stained Glass, .999 Silver Clay, .960 Sterling Silver Clay or Art Clay Copper as described and instructions provided for in the "Mini" MicroKiln Tutorial.


Can I Use My FuseWorks or HotPot Microwave Kiln?

Sure you can, but there is no guarantee that you will have a successful firing and not cause damage to your kiln or even ruin your design(s) due to the following:

Lack of Tested Firing Schedule
•Required Microwave Oven Wattage
•Tested Metal Clays
• and more .........


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