Decorative Glass Bowl Workshop


Learn to cut, shape and design a Glass Platter with glass of various colors, patterns and textures.  Overall size of dish can range from 6" to 14".

Each dish will consist of two or three sheets of glass fired in a glass kiln at 1450 degrees F for 14 hours to form a flat base.   After cooling, the base glass will be fired at 1350 degrees F in a glass kiln and placed in a ceramic or stainless steel mold to create it's final shape.

Note:  Prior to the final firing, you may choose to embellish your dish with paint, abstract pre-fired shapes, glass granules of various sizes, decorative stencils and powdered glass, etc. which may require an additional firing.

TUITION includes all material, equipment and glass.

Pricing Note:  Starting cost of this workshop is $55.00 for a 6" bowl that comes in different shapes.  Depending on the complexity and size of your design the cost can vary.

SCHEDULE:  1 day @ 3 hours or 2 days @ 3 hours each (if additional firing and embellishments are used).

Text or email to schedule this workshop on a day/time convenient for you @                    (615) 397-6406 or