Microwave Kiln Equipment & Supplies

Can I fire Glass Cabs & Earrings?  YES
Can I fire PMC, Art Clay Silver or Art Clay Copper?  YES
Can I fire Ceramic or Porcelain Clay?  YES
Can I fire Copper Enamel?  YES
Can I fire Glass Bottle Rims?  YES
Can I fire Frozen Glass?  YES

YES! All of the above and MUCH MORE


YES, you can accomplish all of the above and more using the MicroKiln (Microwave Kiln) and your microwave oven.

YES believe or not, you can use a standard residential microwave oven along with the revolutionary MicroKiln to create fantastic one-of-a-kind jewelry designs. 

We carry two size MicroKilns (microwave kiln brand) and we are the  #1 Distributor of the largest one made known as the 'GRANDE'

We don't carry the small/mini microwave kiln due to its size and the minimal amount of designs it will accommodate.

Our studio also carries the 'MicroKiln Repair & Recharge Kit' to repair any chips or cracks in the hood of your kiln.

SPECIAL NOTE:  We recommend a microwave oven whose wattage is 900 watts or less.  The higher the wattage (1100 & above) the faster any brand microwave kiln will heat up and will require a significant number of power level adjustments throughout the firing process.  If the customer owns a higher wattage we will provide a conversion schedule for them.

Note:  Firing glass too hot, too fast can result in cracked glass, razor sharp glass spikes, a glass blob or even damage to the microwave kiln floor.  This is true for conventional glass kilns as well.