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The GRANDE MicroKiln (brand of microwave kiln) at a cost of $305.00 is the largest microwave kiln on the market today.  It has also been tested to fuse glass, enamel copper, fire ceramic bisque, fire to sinter silver metal clay, Art Clay Copper and much more by a professional glass and certified precious metal clay artist.

The outer dimensions of this awesome kiln is  9" x 4.5"with an inside footprint of 6.25" x 2.25"   WOW! 

Note:  You can fire glass, ceramic, precious metals and more in 7 to 18 minutes.  It takes longer to heat up and fire due to its enormous size.

RECOMMENDATION ONLY:  Use a microwave oven whose wattage is 900 watts or lower.  The higher the wattage (1100 & above) the faster any microwave kiln will heat up and will require several power level adjustments throughout the firing process.  Firing glass too hot, too fast can result in cracked glass, a glass blob or even damage to the microwave kiln floor.  This also rains true of conventional glass kilns.


            Recommended MicroKiln Tools & Supplies:

            • Fiber Paper shelf - used to protect bottom of kiln - 1/8" or thicker fiber paper
            • Fiber paper - used to keep glass from sticking to shelf - 1/32" fiber paper
            • 900 or lower wattage microwave oven - used to provide heat to MicroKiln
            • Fusible glass (tested compatible glass) - various colors, types & textures
            • Heat resistant metal sheet (stainless steel baking sheet) - used to place warm MicroKiln on when removing from the microwave oven to cool
            • Tweezers - 9" tweezers to remove designs from the MicroKiln
            • Small ceramic post - used to prop the MicroKiln open for cooling
            • Safety Gloves



                    GRANDE MicroKiln comes with the following
                    • User-friendly Pictorial Users Manual
                    • FREE Pictorial Jewelry Tutorial
                    • Recommend Vendor Resource Document
                    • Glossary of Terms
                    • Microwave Kiln Help Desk Blog - Microwave Kiln Help Desk
                    • FREE Email, Text and Phone Support

                    Note:  Documents mentioned above available for download at checkout.  Document updates will be sent electronically when available.


                    CHECKOUT the video below from LG demonstrating the firing of a ceramic bowl in a GRANDE MicroKiln.

                    SHIPPING INFORMATION:

                    USA Customers: 

                    • The $305 GRANDE MicroKiln will be shipped directly to your location from our Canadian supplier for a flat rate of $24.50 which reduces shipping from our US location enormously and this is the reason why a supply kit is not included. 
                    • Contact us should you have any questions as to how this will save you money via Phone/Text 1+ (615) 397-6406 or Email 

                    International Customers Shipping & Payment Options:

                    • Submit your order via the "MicroKiln plus Shipping" Pull-down Button which includes $24.50 drop ship rate from Canada to our US location.  International shipping from US will be calculated and provided to you via Phone/Text or Email for your approval. 
                    • You may also contact us prior to placing your order for the total cost via Phone/Text 1+ (615) 397-6406 or Email


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